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Midnight Gospel Season 2: Release Date Update & Everything we know so far

midnight gospel season 2

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Update: Midnight Gospel is one of the most loved and celebrated series among adults. After the huge success of season 1, the producers are highly encouraged to introduce another season on board. There was a burning desire from the fans for the renewal.

Season 1 was appreciated deeply for its visuals and animations. Also, the depth in its philosophy was highly exalted. The series, The Midnight Gospel is co-created by  Duncan Trussell.

Midnight Gospel Season 2: Update

According to a recent interview with Deadline, Trussell has emphasized that he really concentrated on the success of the first season which gives him the zeal and enthusiasm to work hard for another new season. However, no hints have been provided by him regarding the release date of the new season.

midnight gospel season 2-

He said to the one in conversation that if he had any magical powers or even better some links and connections with Netflix, then to give him the second season. He requests for a second season.

It seemed he was highly enthusiastic regarding the renewal of the series. He wanted to add some more tales to the chromatic Ribbon. In that interview Trussell said,”[the world of the Chromatic Ribbon] is a very big world.

It is difficult as to when we are going to get the season on board. Especially the present pandemic makes it quite difficult to move forward with productions.

However, the animation is a part of the production which can be worked out remotely as well. Also, Trussell has confirmed that he has taken down inspiration from various podcasts as well.

I know you must be highly excited to get the new season as soon as possible. Still, you have to wait at least till the arrival of the new year so as to catch the season on board. Just hold on with bated breath.

We wish for the productions to continue with no risks and hazards owing to the pandemic. Let us all hope for the best but prepare for the worst as well. Stick around with us for more similar updates on manga, series, current affairs, and more.

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