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Assassin’s Pride Season 2: know whether it will renew!

Assassin's Pride Season 2-

Assassin’s Pride Season 2 Update: The Assassin’s Pride season two anime adaptation not seems to arrive fast enough for fans and audience. The audience is just eager to know what happens next to Kufa Vampire and Melissa Angel.

This anime adaptation holds a strong position on different streaming platforms. With most of the new episodes often being listed in the top of most popular anime.

The biggest success factor is the shifting of the anime industry towards streaming revenue. This may be possible that this anime will also receive a green light for a sequel season and its production.

The anime adaptation series Assassin’s Pride is produced by animation studios EMT Squared. This production company is best known for its anime and Rainy Cocoa series.

Direction responsibilities are over the shoulders of Kazuya Aiura. He previously had served as assistant director for Netflix’s 7 seeds anime. Writer Hitomi Mieno handled the all compositions of the series. Maho Yoshikawa is the main character designer and also the chief animation director for season one of Assassin’s Pride.

Assassin's Pride

Meanwhile, Yoshiko Saito is the second character designer and second chief animation director too. Till now there is no announcement or confirmation regarding the second season is available. Not even the opening theme song is confirmed for Assassin’s Pride season two.

Plot Expectations and Release date for Assassin’s Pride Season 2: 

Going through the last update available. Neither EMT Squared nor the Sentai Filmworks had announced or confirmed anything about season two. Not even renewal or production is announced for Assassin’s Pride season two yet. So far this anime story focused on threats inside Flondore city.

An unexpected crisis is facing the city. The device that prevents the attack from the night world by Lycanthrope, has some unexpected anomaly.

Three dukes secretly gather to come up with some solutions . Melida, Kufa, and Rosetti in an airship head towards the sea. They are the last hopes that only can prevent humanity from mass destruction.

We will try to update our readers as soon as any new update on Assassin’s Pride season 2 arrives. Keep waiting and hope for some renewal news soon. For more updates on your favorite manga and anime adaptations, just stay tuned.

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