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Dorohedoro Debuts on Netflix: Know more about the Anime


Dorohedoro  Update: Introduction: After waiting for a long, an infamous anime from Japan makes its way to the global streamer, Netflix. Dorohedoro is a manga series by Q Hayashida which has 32 volumes. Yuichiro Hayashi created the 12 episode anime series based on the manga. Let me answer some of your questions like: What does the anime say? Where and when to watch it?

Dorohedoro: Characters:

The characters which we see in the anime are:

  • Caiman: He is a guy with a reptile head and tail which is a result of magic done by some sorcerer. Caiman after becoming such has no human memory.
  • Nikaido: She is a brilliant sorcerer but refuses to use magic. Nikaido is also a good friend of Caiman who helps him to track sorcerers.
  • En: A sorcerer whose smoke turns others into mushrooms. He had a bad childhood which filled him with hatred and now he is a top businessman.
  • Shin: A capable sorcerer and En’s enforce.
  • Noi: She wanted to become a devil but loses her chance to help his comrade Noi.
  • Fujita: He is a worker at En’s company and after his partner got killed by Caiman, Fujita got the task to track the sorcerer down who made Caiman half reptile.
  • Ebisu: A teen sorcerer who accidentally gave Caiman a lizard head.

Possible Plotline of the show


The story is about a young man who becomes a half-lizard due to a hex from a sorcerer. Caiman, now has a lizard head and no human memory left. He turns to Nikaido who helps him in tracking down the sorcerers. Caiman is immune to magic and knives which is a threat to other sorcerers. We will follow Caiman and Nikaido in their way to fund the sorcerer who made Caiman such.

Dorohedoro: Release Date:

After airing in Japan from January 2020 to May 2020, Dorohedoro is now available for international viewers on Netflix. On 27 May 2020, the streamer released the anime on the platform. If you haven’t watched it till now, then go ahead and do it now. One can never miss such anime.

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