Steve McQueen’s Anthology Series Small Axe: A guide to all five movies

Steve McQueen's Anthology
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Steve McQueen’s Anthology Series: After winning many prestigious awards such as the Turner Prize and Academy Award, Steve McQueen this time is here to show Britain his talent in a slightly different form as an anthology series named Small Axe. Small Axe is a BBC One series.

While talking to the New York Times, McQueen said that the idea to create five different movies with each having a different story of the London-based Caribbean people from the year 1960 to 1980 has been lingering on his mind for the past eleven years.

The fans who are eagerly waiting for Steve McQueen’s Anthology Series, here is a guide for every upcoming film.

1) Mangrove (November 15, 2020, Sunday)

A true story revolving around a Caribbean restaurant owner Frank Crichlow played by Shaun Parkes is the series opener.

The movie goes about how the black intellectuals decide to protest against the innumerable police raids with Frank as the protagonist. Crafted beautifully by McQueen, and the other cast and crew members’ brilliance makes the movie feel exceptionally realistic.

2) Lover’s Rock ( November 22, 2020, Sunday)

Revolving around the talented emerging black actors who face racism, the second movie in McQueen’s anthology series is named after the appetitive genre, Lovers Rock. Showcasing youngsters’ love at the black community’s famous “blues party” due to racism, the fictional story is in the 1980s.

3) Red, White, and Blue ( November 29, 2020, Sunday)

Steve McQueen's Anthology
Image Source: Independent

The third film of the anthology series Small Axe is non-fiction revolving around Lee Roy Logan( John Boyega) who decides to become a forensic scientist due to the assault his father had to face by two policemen.

The movie shows many instances of racism against black people and Logan’s vain efforts to make a difference.

4) Alex Wheatle ( December 6, 2020, Sunday)

As the fourth film has been already screened, we know that this movie is about Alex Wheatle, an award-winning writer. The true story shows how his life changes due to the Brixton riots of 1981.

5) Education (December 13, 2020, Sunday)

Revolving around the life of a twelve-year-old Kingsley who has an immense interest in rockets and astronauts. The movie shows the segregation he faces after he is tagged disruptive by his teachers.

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