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Why ‘If Anything Happens I Love’ being praised so much?

If Anything Happens I Love is the short animated film now available on Netflix, the film has already being praised by the viewers and critics both when it was privately screened in California at United Talent Agency.

And after its premiere on Netflix, the films are being loved worldwide by the audience who loves emotions and stories with messages.

What made ‘If Anything Happens I Love’ the most loved animated short film on Netflix?

The plot and story design of the film ‘If Anything Happens I Love’ made its impact on the audience and the very well-planned execution of moments gives the warmth of happiness and cry at the same time to the audience. The film has successfully shown the social issues which should be tackled in the present time, as the parent’s sorrow about losing the child due to gun violence.

In simple words, we can say that the movie is not for the people who don’t feel easy to watch emotional films.

If Anything Happens I Love Release Date

If Anything Happens I Love Trailer Breakdown

The Animated trailer of the short film ‘If Anything Happens I Love’ is more like Pixar’s film UP, which means the story without any dialogues, which does not look monotonous in the film, and each and every shot gives a new window to explore the human emotions.

The sequences of flashbacks and present time give a dynamic look to the storyline of the film.

The Reviews and Ratings of If Anything Happens I Love

The viewers and critics both have received the film very well and many articles and critic’s views have been posted online for the film.

As per The Independent Critic, It’s not for the viewers who are not ready for the films which make you cry. And few critics have even stated that this is one of the best-animated films ever.

About the Makers of the film

The film has been directed by Will McCormack and Michael Govier, who were devasted by the school shooting in the past four years. The film has been produced by Gilbert Films and Oh Good Productions. If Anything Happens I Love will be released on Netflix on 20th November 2020 worldwide.

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