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Kingdom Season 3: Sequel Release debatable as Ashin of the North trailer surfaces!

Kingdom Season 3
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Kingdom Season 3 Updates: The Korean zombie series which is currently featuring on the Netflix platform, Kingdom received a huge success throughout the globe.

But, now that the trailer of Ashin of North has premiered, the renewal status of the former is a big question. If you are an ardent fan of the thriller genre, then this is the right place for you.

The South Korean Drama series is no less than a masterpiece consisting of great narration and amazing production techniques. Several fans have even entered into an argument regarding this Korean masterpiece to be an incredible and the best original series ever on Netflix. 

However, now that eight months have passed since the 2nd installment’s release, fans are now anxiously waiting for the third part to arrive. 

The release date for Kingdom, Season 3

When the series was initially written, there was no plan for a third season. But soon the fan following of the series increased, and as a result, now fans are quite anxious about a third season.

So, fans, don’t panic, as we expect the series to make a third installment quite soon enough. The series even has an incredible IMDB score of 8.4/10 and received a 96% vote on Rotten tomatoes.

Even the screenwriter, Kim Eun-Hee has mentioned in an interview that there is a lot more left to explore, and enough storyline is present to produce 10 more seasons. 

Kingdom Season 3
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No official notification related to the release date is yet available from Netflix. So, owing to the humongous popularity, we expect the third season to release in late 2021. 

Even if the creators decided for a third season, the release this year is next to impossible owing to the existing pandemic situation.

Due to the halt in every production sequence, the filming sequence hasn’t even started. And will take approximately 6 more months to start even. 

But, the problem started when a special episode of the Kingdom’s trailer was released.

Kingdom Season 3: Ashin of the North

Netflix will soon release a special episode of the Kingdom series, named Ashin of the North in 2021. The release date is not available yet, owing to the owing pandemic situation.

However, a trailer is now available. Fans are now expecting the special episode to release somewhere in Summer, 2021.

This special episode, Ashin of North, will emphasize Gianna Jun, the mysterious lady, who appeared in Season 2’s conclusion. 


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