Kingdom Season 3: Expected Storyline for Upcoming Season & Everything we know so far

Kingdom Season 3 Updates: Though the streaming giant, Netflix did not share a definite release date for Kingdom season three. But it’s hinted the production of the upcoming third season is nursing the finish. To know more about season three and its plot just have a quick recapture of the story till now.

Recapturing Season 2:

The concept of the Kingdom is basically an adoption of ideas. “In a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine. A mysterious rumor of its king’s death spreads. Just like an odd plague that renders the infected proof and the death and it’s flesh hunger.” The prince of this kingdom becomes prey to conspiracy. He then leaves everything and sets out on a journey to reveal the evil theme. His main goal is to save the kingdom and its individuals.

Season two witness the prime fights to avoid the destruction and wastage of his kingdom, country, and countrymen. This web television series is basically an adoption from webcomic Land Of Gods. This webcomic is the creation of Kim Eun Hee. Moreover, Kim is the author and co-showrunner of Netflix’s presentation Kingdom. It is a star television drama series that is watched worldwide.

Plot expectations from Kingdom Season 3:

Everyone is expecting that season three of the Kingdom will catch back the track just after the ending of season two. Seven years and three months have passed since the initial zombie irruption in the kingdom. This time it’s seems like a mysterious merchant will play some key role. Future events will witness his prominent involvement. However, his actual part and character until now are not disclosed.

In the finale of season two, the crown prince Chang was triumphant. After destroying all of the infected people around the kingdom. But then also there remains a topic of discussion. After the son of Muyeong was injured by infected.

He just managed to save his life with help of Seo-bi. She dipped him into the waters until the worms of infection were out. The crown prince arrives at a tough and dramatic decision of abandoning his throne. He asks officials to announce him as dead and his son will inherit the throne.

Now it will be interesting to witness how Chang will save his kingdom and its people.

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