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Will Emily in Paris return with yet another intriguing sequel?

Emily in Paris Season 2

Emily in Paris Update: Darren Star of Sex and City fame has now marked his return to the small screen with a rom-com series. Emily in Paris traces the journey of Emily Cooper, a young marketing executive, who makes a sudden decision one fine day.

She decides to leave everything behind and leave Chicago. But, everyone judges her to be an ignorant American who doesn’t know how to speak French. Emily eventually moves forward to Savoir, a new firm. However, she agrees to work for them with the hope of getting a promotion upon returning to the Midwest.

But, unfortunately, people make her transition quite difficult. These people are none other than her boss Sylvie, and Gabriel, her love interest- neighbor. But, she finds comfort in Mindy, her friend. But the season ends with a cliff hanger. So, it’s not a surprise that the makers are opting for a sequel to answer all our curiosity.

The release date for Emily in Paris Season 2

The series is yet to receive any official confirmation for a sequel’s arrival. But before its premiere on the Netflix platform, it aired on Paramount and TV Land Network. But owing to its huge popularity the streaming platform decided to acquire the rights to the rom-com. But despite all these, MTV still enjoys being the producer of the series. So, maybe the season renewal decision is not in the hands of Netflix anymore.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris’s shooting was carried out in Paris, but due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the production process is delayed. So, even though the makers might have decided for a sequel, but owing to Covid, everything is now at a halt. But despite all the struggles and challenges, Darren still wishes a safe return for all its cast and crew to shoot the next installment.

What to expect from Season 2

The creator has several ideas and storylines for the second installment, but he is quite confused about how each character would end. However, he is sure about Emily’s character in the sequel. She is going to be a resident of the city and start building a life there. But as far as the other characters are concerned, Darren decided to keep them in the front, at offices, or in the restaurants in the off-hours.

Emily’s work-family will be the main focal point of the show, especially the character Sylvie. He wants to explore more about her and learn a bit more about her.

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