Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Is it based on true events?

Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta Updates: An incident of 2002, the murder of an Argentinan socialite, Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce. It was considered an accident. With a claim that she might fell in the tub after getting hit by the tap. But later in an autopsy, it was found that she was shot five times in the head.

For some time this incident was inflaming news in almost every Argentinan newspaper and channel. Carlos Carrasco, her husband first was accused of it. But later because of lack of evidence he gets free.

Now Netflix is planning to shape this incident into a thrilling crime drama series. Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? will just come up with this high profile murder mystery.

Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? Release date :

This new Netflix’s presentation is under the direction of Alejandro Hartmann and Vanessa Rajon as executive producers all the episodes of Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? are set to release on 5 November 2020.

Just a few hours left and the countdown is already going on. Although Netflix releases all new content at sharp 12AM PST. But this time may vary depending upon different time zones.

Plot details :

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The plot or Storyline of this upcoming series by Netflix will surely revolve around the murder case of Maria Marta. This series will try to capture every aspect of that case in detail.

On 27 October 2002, Carlos arrives at his home in Carmel. He just returns from a football match where he was joined by his relatives too. Then he finds his wife Maria dead with half body submerged in water in the bathtub.

Carlos at the same time calls for medical and his relatives. He states that he thought she may hit the tap and then injured got drowned in the tub. That time sight looks similar.

As the family was ready for her burial at the same time his stepbrother requests a thorough investigation. The body is sent for autopsy. This will be the moment that changes the whole track of the show. The case just takes an unexpected turn in another direction.

So don’t forget to watch this upcoming crime thriller. Mark the date on your calendar for a thrilling crime journey.


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