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Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta? & Release date, Plot and all you need to know

Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?
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Carmel Updates: Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce’s wrapped up death in 2002 became the most covered event in Argentinian newspapers.

In 2002, the assassins of Argentinian gentleperson, Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce, was intently thought to be an accident after she fell in the bathtub and hit her head on a tap. During, a later autopsy, it seemed that Maria Marta was, in fact, shot in the head five times.

The gentleperson’s death became the most covered event during that time. Carlos Carrascosa, Maria Marta’s soul mate, and the one who recognized her body were the main accused, though  DNA analysis found that Carrascosa’s DNA doesn’t match any of the bloodstains found at the main crime scene.

A Netflix docuseries, ‘Camel: Who killed Maria Marta?’ will be looking into the high profile murder case.

Carmel: Release date

All episodes of ‘Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?’ will be on air on Netflix on Thursday, November 5, at 12am.

The Plot Of Carmel

On October 27, 2002, Carlos Carrascosa’s destination at his home in Carmel, a high-class closed community in Buenos Aires after been watching a football match with his relatives.


He found his wife, Maria Marta, dead with half body swamped in the bathtub. Carlos called the paramedics and the family, and also said that he believed Maria Marta had accidentally hit her body on a big beam which was there in the bathroom, and fell in the tub and drowned.

No one could feel suspicious about Maria’s death and even let the family sign a pre-made death certificate that could help to make the burial process earlier.

But Maria Marta’s stepbrother thought something did not seem quite right and raised for an investigation. Prosecutor Diego Molina Poco arrived at the scene but did not order an immediate autopsy, as it the standard procedure for accidental deaths in Argentina.

After a few weeks, Molina Pico interviewed one of the paramedics who expressed few hints about the wrong theory. It had been over a month since Maria Marta’s death when an autopsy was finally performed, and it unleashed a shocking discovery: she had got five gunshots wounds in her head and on one had noticed it. Molina Pico proceeded to blame the Garcia Belsunce family for on wontedly covering up the murder and accused Carrascosa of murdering his wife.

It’s an exhaustive investigation work, with the involvement of the protagonists of the case, the series will likely to clarify, in four chapters of about 47 minutes each, the details of a crime that today stay backs today is an enigma for all the Argentines who followed, throughout the years, all the alternatives of the case.


‘Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?’ is directed by Alejandro Hartmann and produced by Vanessa Ragone.


There is no such trailer for this series yet but keep in touch with this universe for more updates.


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