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Vampire Vs The Bronx Movie
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Vampires Vs The Bronx Updates: Just trying to follow the legacy of Attack the Block and Cockneys Vs Zombies. Vampires Vs the Bronx is a low key ode to the minority genre.

This film gets a subdued release by steaming partner Netflix. With a little bear hug of appreciation, it presents a voice to the working class. The movie is just passionate regarding the perils of generalization.

Witnessing the movie seems like the main focus is on art and manner of vampire-fighting and killing them.

Vampires Vs The Bronx Review: 

The film marks its initial start when a cover of unhead just begins to take up over the real estate in the Bronx. The main motive of this is to create a mass nest. A trio of teen boy’s band comes together just to make them down. Miguel is the leader of this group of three boys.

He is lovingly called with his nickname ‘Lil Mayor’. Although this presentation just comes up as a good family entertainment movie. Vampires Vs the Bronx has a vast array of colorful characters and a sensible plot.

Vampire Vs The Bronx Movie
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But the thing is its plot has a thin wafer, which somewhat seems to be crunchy. The theme’s presentation plotting the venom rushing through the veins of vampires is just thrilling.

Meanwhile, Biddy has expectations from neighbors that will end up like his father. His father just dies, as a victim of gang violence. But lol the mayor in the film appears to follow the footsteps and ideas of Bronx’s favorite.

A young boy, Luis another group member seems to share most time on the screen. He can also be considered as the key character of the movie. He is always equipped with a bottle of holy water.

A Eucharist which he steals from a church and some garlic pods. The group also has wooden baseball bats for their protection during fights.

This film is a creation of director and writer Oz Rodriguez. Although this movie is just one hour twenty minutes long. But the production provides room for it to breathe.

This seems to be a fine method. Unlike other zombies and vampires genre, this movie is quite bloodless. Thus making it suitable for children and small kids too.



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