Netflix’s ‘Trial 4’ Trailer Out: Talks about a man unjustly convicted of murder.

Trial 4-

Trial 4 Updates: The Trial 4 trailer was released by Netflix and the eight-episode show is supposed to hit the streaming platform the next month.

The series consists of eight episodes and revolves around a man unjustly convicted of the murder of John Mulligan, a Boston police detective. The “guilty” Sean K. Ellis was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Sean K. Ellis:

Nineteen-year-old Ellis was convicted of murder in 1993 after being through three trials in a year. Ellis’s supporters strongly believed that his conviction was just a plot set up by the corrupt Boston detectives who wanted the case quickly solved.

In 2015 he was released from the charges but was still prone to a fourth trial which could put him back in jail. Interestingly, three of the involved detectives of the case were found guilty of falsifying warrants and robbing suspects at gunpoint.

Official Synopsis:

The eight-episode series talks about a wrongly convicted man Sean Ellis who had to live 22 years of his life in prison after being found guilty of the murder of Detective John Mulligan of the Boston Police Department in the year 1993.

Trial 4
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Though an enormous amount of evidence was presented that showed Ellis as the murderer, when the case was investigated further, it was revealed that it was just a plot by corrupt police officers of the Boston Police Department.

As heartbreaking as it is, the series gives us hope for a proper justice system while throwing light on police corruption and systematic racism.

Trial 4 overview:

The eight-episode Trial 4, is directed by Rémy Burkel and the executive producer of the docuseries is Jean- Xavier de Lestrade popularly known for Netflix’s controversial The Staircase, the series talks about the enormous amount of abuse that the justice system imposes.

The show is exactly on time after the civil unrest the world is facing due to the police department.

Trial 4: Release Date

The documentary series Trial 4 is all set to make its premiere on the streaming platform Netflix on November 11, 2020. We will surely keep you posted about any new updates we can get.

Netflix Trail 4: Confirm Release Date & More

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