Netflix’s His House Stars shared terrifying real life inspirations

His House
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His House Updates: Wunmi Mosaku ‘’His House’’ star revealed that she is not really a fan when it comes to horror movies or at least not until she saw Get Out and she told Digital Spy ahead of the release of the terrific new Netflix movie this week that she underestimated horror.

She also thought it was just scary for scary’s sake blood, gore people chasing each other with knives which she wasn’t interested in. When she saw Get Out and saw social commentary that came with the horror she thought that this is a genre she can get down with as long as it’s filled with spirit and heart.

That’s exactly what she found in His House, where a young couple struggles to adapt to their new life in England, and the ghosts that haunt them are a terrifying tale. As in getting Out, His House also explores the real issue through the horror lens as Bol and Rial who deal with the evil lurking in their new house.

His House Terrifying Storytelling

For Dirisu, the Black British star of tomorrow His House was just as compelling as the horror also told that he and Wunmi have discussed a lot about how if we remove the monster from the story, it’s equally powerful and in some ways slightly terrifying.

His House
Image Source: Digital Spy

The duality and the layers of the storytelling was something that attracted him and Wunmi.  When it comes to His House, Remi Weekes writer and director weren’t specifically inspired.

He also said that it was amazing working with Javier, it’s easy for it to not feel like work and it is sure that this will be a Halloween hit on Netflix which will arrive on October 30.

Dirisu said that there’s still a way to go with representation and diversity and it’s certainly changing for the better and thinks it’s just about the representation and allowing people to see themselves in the stories which they’re seeing, Hopefully, this first step is a long journey not just for black people but for East Asian, indigenous and south Asian people and he’s looking forward to days when this isn’t a topic.

Mosaku concluded by saying they need to see all people and think the difference for us has been having creative’s that look like us and tell stories about people that look like us.

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