Mirzapur Season 2: Vijay Varma reveals his experience of entering the gully.

Mirzapur Season 2: a record-breaking, commendable Indian series has now recently launched its sequel in India. Vijay Varma marks his entry into the world of Mirzapur. The actor famous for his commendable acting in Pink, Gully Boy portrays the role of Bharat Tyagi.

Bharat is a man who is always after politics and power and has created quite an impression on the audience in the first episode itself. Recently one of his interviews surfaced, where he states his experience of working with Mirzapur cast. Continue reading to know more.

Were you confident to join the world of Mirzapur in Season 2?

Yes, he agreed on the spot when he was offered a dynamic role. Vijay was at the Excel Entertainment office, after Gully Boy’s release. There Gurmeet Singh, director along with Puneet, writer were also present, and they informed him that they might have something for him. Vijay was already a huge fan of Mirzapur and felt quite elated to be a part of this spectacular franchise.

The role provided was quite juicy, as well as fun and bold, along with adventurous and so many things other too. As he had an amazing working relationship with Excel, so he immediately said yes without any further thinking.

What are your reasons for being a Mirzapur fan?

According to Vijay, Mirzapur is a novel show. For the first time, the audience witnessed all the fresher actors with so much talent together on screen. SUch as Divyendu, portraying the role of a ruthless villain, or Rasika Duggal as a sultry bhabhi.

Along with uniqueness, it was the dialogue delivery style, language, boldness, pulp, and filminess everything. Also, at the same time, everything about the series is so rooted and consists of human drama only. Be it portraying any type of side, the series aces in everything.

The characters are all driven by politics, power and at the same time, deal with the dark side. He felt related to everything in the show. And the most interesting part of Season1, which kept the audience as well s Vijay hooked, will be shown in Season 2. So, continue watching the series.

Does this new character bring out a new version of you as an actor, which we haven’t ever witnessed earlier?

According to Vijay Varma, it was quite interesting to cast as well as direct a father-son duo in the sequel. Vijay’s father in the sequel is portrayed by Lilliputji. But this idea is unique to discover what kind of strong relationship they share.

Apart from changing his accent, body language, the major challenge which he faced was getting acquainted with the previous season characters. He had to learn a bit more about the characters. But, his love for acting and experience helped him ace the character.

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