Marvel Phase 4-How would the Infinity Stones reappear?

Marvel Phase 4 Updates: Phase 4 comprises of all the Marvel Studios Productions set to be released from 2020 through early 2021.MCU had a wind-up with the disintegration of the Infinity Stones as the Infinity saga expired.

The Avengers: Endgame operated the ultimate showdown with Thanos that even caused Ironman and Black Widow to lay down their lives with the time heist to reverse back the situation in order to resurrect their sabotaged allies and the decimated Infinity Stones after erasing half of the mortal beings, overall marked the crystal’s omission from the actual universe.

Even though to seal the chances of its inflicting havoc and alternate realities, they were restored to the original settings by Captain America but can still presumably have a comeback in the upcoming projects.

Marvel Phase 4: Here’s an opinion as to how they would resurface

1. Space Stone in Loki

Successfully hunting the time and the mind stone, the team grappled with the space stone which they let loose when knocked down by Hulk’s ruckus and Loki escapes with it promoting an alternate timeline which could be the head start of the unreleased Disney+ series, Loki

2. Mind Stone in WandaVision

Hydra’s probation on Wanda( Scarlet Witch ) her brother Pietro (Quicksilver)using the mind stone alongside  Tony designing Vision infused with the same and the union of these star-crossed lovers makes for a lot of unaddressed queries regarding her functionality of power to bring back Vision.

3. Time Stone in Doctor Strange  in the Multiverse of Madness

Known as the Eye of Agamotto, this weapon earlier used to force Dormammu out of the dimension with a time loop, this yet-to-arrive sequel which has minimal props till this moment might enthrall more of his multiverse journey through which he could recover the stone.

4. Soul Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

The release date not yet proclaimed officially, news flashed asserting that James Gunn knew about Gamora’s death in the Infinity Wars and  Thanos’s trading her life with the Soul Stone in Vormir, he could reintroduce the elemental force in this threequel plot.

It might chronicle the 2014’s Gamora who is oblivious of the teammates and her love Starlord and how she will collect those past memories remains a conundrum. This narrative will have to remold the frame of how she died and will feature the quirky gang’s cosmic travel with the ulterior motive of guarding the stone.

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