Marvel Phase 4: Interesting Details about the Original Avengers

Marvel Phase 4: Interesting Details about the Original Avengers,

Avenger: Endgames a conclusion do an era and a new beginning towards further superhero genres. With his end of this era, the story of six original Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers meets its fate. Now the production and franchise may look very different. From the moment when Avengers took birth, Nick Fury approach Tony Stark about it. The marvel cinematic universe working towards a grand team up and winning the hearts of all the world. The six heroes are some other than our favorite Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow. They have very carefully and marvelously paved their way since 2000s. The Incredible Hulk introduces Bruce Banner while Black Widow debut in Iron man 2. Meanwhile, Hawkeye is also there who made the first appearance in Thor.

Marvel Phase 4: Interesting Details about the Original Avengers

This gang of superheroes first came together in Avengers to defeat Loki in the grand Battle of New York. Now let’s see what happens with these six after the ground battle against Thanos in Avengers: Endgames.

Iron Man :

Unfortunately Tony Stark aka Iron man sacrifices his life to save the universe and future generations. This genius promised not to sacrifice his life after having a happy family and a loving daughter. But when all avengers were near defeat. He collects all power of Infinity Hamlet and defeats Thanos. Now it seems like Peter Parker aka Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man will continue his legacy. A legacy of new inventions and technology that makes Avengers a powerful union.

Captain America :

He manages to survive the battle against Thanos. But because of time travel Steve Rogers, when arrives in the present-day is an old man. He is the first avenger on the earth since the times of world war. He wishes to take retirement and enjoy his life now.

Thor :

This superhero is due to return in 2020 with Marvel’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ . He will reunite Chris Hemsworth and Taika Wailiti. There are expectations that with this movie Chris will return back to MCU. Meanwhile, Thor is busy with his new Asgard.

Black Widow :

Just like Stark and Rogers tale of Natasha Romanoff gets wrapped in Endgame’s conclusion. But Natasha is soon returning on the screens with a solo movie ‘Black Widow’ by MCU. This will explore her Russian origins and the mystery behind her war room. Though the film currently facing delays due to pandemic.

Hawkeye :

He also manages to survive the final battle of Endgames. But now his role in phase 4 of MCU will reprise through Disney+ t.v. series. This will explore his skills and past with generating a path towards the future of MCU.

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