Day Shift: Jamie Foxx to play lead role in Netflix Vampire Comedy

Day Shift
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Day Shift Updates: The story is about a hard-working blue-collar father whose job of cleaning the San Fernando Valley lakes is his main source of income, hunting and killing vampires. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is expected to make headlines for the upcoming comedy vampire “Day Shift” for streamer Netflix.

The film will mark the beginning of the directing of JJ Perry, who previously worked as a second director and stunt coordinator in movies such as “Fast & Furious 9”, “The Fate of the Furious”, “Bloodshot”, and “John Wick” franchise. Tyler Tice wrote the article in a recent review by Shay Hatten.

Jamie Foxx is one of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities. He was last seen in the Netflix superhero action film, Project Power. The character will meet Netflix with a new feature of a vampire hunter. Read all the details here.

All about the Day Shift

Day Shift
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The story is about a hard-working father (Foxx) who just wants to give the health of his fast eight-year-old daughter fast, but his job of cleaning lakes in San Fernando Valley is his main source of income, hunting and killing vampires.

Filmmaker Chad Stahelski will be starring in the movie alongside Jason Spitz with their hit single 87Eleven Entertainment.

Shaun Redick and Yvette Yates Redick also produce. Foxx is most productive with Dat Turner and Peter Baxter. JJ’s unique vision of ‘Day Shift’ makes it a great first project for him,” Stahelski said in a statement.

Foxx, who started working with Netflix on “Project Power”, will also star in and actors have produced the movie “They Cloned Tyrone” and the series “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” of the streamer. The actor won the Best Actor Oscar for the 2004 movie “Ray” and has also appeared in films such as “Collateral”, “Miami Vice”, “Django Unchained” and “Just Mercy”.

I am sure the forthcoming season will be premiered on the same network. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.

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