The Good Place Season 5: Creators Thinking to make the show shorter

The Good Place Season 5 Updates: Fans have been quite excited about the release of the latest season of the show The Good Place on Netflix. According to a report by Newsweek, the show won’t be having its fifth season even though the viewers have been prolonged for it.

The group reportedly wanted to give the show a fitting concluding after it was canceled in June 2019. One of the directors of the show had also previously unleashed how they desired to keep the run short rather than letting the plot drag.

The Good Place Season 5: Is It a No?

The Good Place season 4 hit the screens on Netflix on September 26, 2019, and fans have been looking eagerly for the new season ever since. In June 2019, the show’s director Mike Schur spoke about how they were actually planning to bring off the show from the very beginning.

He said that even their initial plan was to let the show end after a few smack episodes. That’s the reason why they tagged each part of the show with the word ‘chapter’ than ‘episode’. They always wanted to look like a chapter that rolls out carefully.

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The plan was about to bring the events altogether in the end game. Mike Schur said that they wanted viewers to think like everything that’s come before the last part mattered and it was all a big circle of the story.

The official Twitter account of A Good Place had also revealed a statement by director Mike Schur. He pointed through the statement that when the group created the concept and came up with the correct pace for the story, he felt like four seasons with close to a stretch of fifty episodes would be the proper lifespan for this show.

He also spoke about how the group was, once in a while induced to take the show forward but that was mostly since because of the joyous, rare, and fulfilling nature of the show. Have a glimpse at the tweet by Mike Schur here.

Ending Spell Out

The conclusion of A Good Place was satisfactory to most viewers according to the different responses the show got on social media. At the end of the last episode, ‘Whenever You are Ready’, the Soul Squad along with Michael, comes up with a fresh Good Place design.

To rescue Earth from Janet, the squad also creates a system where the new people go through a few examinations from time to time, along with a memory reboot with each examination.

The fresh Good Place design has been put all together for the residents who have previously stayed in A Good Place. Though, details about the new design have been confidential. The show ends on an iconic ‘Take it Sleazy’ note as Michael clutch in the proper human experience.


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