Deca-Dence: Kaburagi Administer takes control of the fortress, while Minato assists him

Deca-Dence Updates: Deca-Dence nears the final episode. The show takes a very unusual turning now. Suddenly, Solid Quake (the big, bad company ruling over everything), decides to stop the betray of the Deca-Dence video game and make a fresh new start all from the scratch itself. It isn’t as fascinating as it sounds.

This meant the creeping of a massive, irresistible bug, Gadol, which even Solid Quake has no interest to bump into. The only solution to it could be, someone logging into Deca-Dence themselves and subjugating the bug, like some kind of Avtar. Now, who is going to bell the cat?

Deca-Dence: Kaburagi in Control

Happening to know the truth, Natsume decides to reunite with Kaburagi.  As a reaction, Hugin arrives to assassinate them. However, Kaburagi manages to win over him, by switching Avatars and arrowing him from the back.

Still, the problem prevails as Gadoll marches to Deca-Dence.  Worst of all it is unaffected by the GSS (Gadoll Genocide System) and it is unexpectedly strong and powerful. Hatching Gadoll babies and also firing space lasers.

Speculation made by Jill, suggests that the monster is now totally out of control of the system. Being a close match of the Stargate, shown in episode 5, this monster is surprisingly more harmful.

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The command center and Minato try to throw Deca-Dence cannons at6 him but all efforts are quite futile. It just exponentially infuriates the monster.  Solid Quake then chooses to fire the “Solid Laser,” but it has a  very different effect.

Gadol fires a laser of his own to counter which totally ruptures the droids’ cozy space ship. He then releases a sworn of mini Gadolls to bequeath them the battle of winning over the gears, while he transforms into the dormant status.

Thinking about the next immediate solution, Kaburagi decides to renounce the video game which means erasing everything, including even those inside the fortress.

Just then Jill comes up with this idea of logging into the video game to take the fortress into one’s own hands. Lastly, it is Kaburagi, who decides to march into.

Together, Minato also marches in following his old friend. When she learns that Kaburagi does not know the solution to it but is ready to fight till the conclusion, as he was sent on a purpose.

Knowing this Minato agrees to unite with his old friend and it is indeed touching to see them together.

What will Kaburagi be able to do is still in question! Let’s wait for the next season to know about the answer.

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