A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 2 Release Date and Why Jucha and Juza fight at the Auditions?

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 2 Updates: A3! -an acronym for “Act!Addict!Actors!’ originally constructed by Liber Entertainment is a Japanese game portably programmed for mobiles that had a worldwide release on Oct 23, 2019.

Considering its wide recognition and accolades, it was adapted for many staged plays and an anime series, credited to its franchise. The anime TV series branching out of its original broadcasting network gained a heavy viewership on Funimation post its premiere in Japan on Jan 13.

The show split up into two halves; A3! Season Spring and Summer aired in spring but was disrupted midway for the COVID-19 outbreak exacerbating scheduling problems of the production thus pushing back the run of the second installment; A3! Season Autumn and Winter from July to October.

When and where will the A3! Season Autumn and Winter’s upcoming episode streaming?

The fresher season’s next episode 2 is all decked up nearing its arrival this fall on Oct, 20 at 12:00 A.M .  (JST) on the official service of Funimation which streams the English dubbed as well the original rendition with subtitles.
You can also avail the first volume via Blu-ray or DVD.

Here’s a touch-up on the story covered so far

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 2 Plot

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Mankai Company, an all-male theatre for budding actors split into 4 groups -Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter but is a far cry from its glory days. Being bankrupt after the departure of the former director with no prior notice, the running of the company is at stake.

A stage actress, Izumi Tachibuna takes it into his tight hands as its director to reimburse the debts under a one-year time limit and turn the corner.She has shouldered the responsibility to bring it back into position by recruiting some new talents.

Episode 1 Recap

Continuing the talenthunting, the anime’s last ep enfolded that Taichi already knew Ten-man whom he nicknamed Tenny.On the other hand, Izumi welcomes Omi in his auditioning for a role, marking it a pinnacle of his acting career.

Following him is Jucha, a bit bewildered about where the auditions were going and did force Izumi to ask if has come over for auditions.While filling out the form, he spots his long -time competitor ,Juza and they both wanted to square off  while the tension between them in the fight  was interrupted by Izumi.

A3! Season Autumn and Winter Episode 2 Juza and Juchi’s rivalry

Taichi fills them in on Juza as a third-year student informing that he has seen his work prior to this. Adding to it, he says that Juza is a big wheel who remains undefeated to this day which in turn fuels the fire between Juza and Juchi.

Inspired by Izumi’s warning to restrain themselves, Jucha slanders  Juza as a dropout and dispassionate about acting which provokes a physical altercation.

With Omi jumping in to split up the duo and telling them off on crossing the line, Taichi appreciably calls Omi a ‘superhero’.

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