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The First Ladies of the United States: Many a First lady has felt the warmth and acceptance from the public only for a shorter period. Within which the gender bias initiates hatred and enmity.

The First Ladies of the United States is the most appealing in the world.

The testimony of the extent of scrutiny a woman withstands; has been well noticed. BE it her etiquette, her fashion sense, physiognomy. So the first lady is thoroughly examined by her peers, the public, and the audience.

Image isn’t just her clothes and features, but more of her nuance expressions issued in the public gatherings and perception interpreted. Many first ladies have savaged to the gender differences.

In, “First Ladies”- documentary airing on CNN, we see the ambiguous plot during the six presidencies. The series reminds us of the inevitable link of her gender with her success and the respect she receives from the public.

Leah Wright Rigueur, a professor at The Harvard Kennedy School, put her insights into the first episode about Michelle Obama. Also, First Ladies meant to the representation of American’s better selves.”

What happens In 2008?

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In 2008, after the Americans elected their first Black First Lady Michelle Obama, she had a commotion of adoring fans. The female gender around the world felt pride and honor and looked up to this woman from Chicago’s South Side who now resided in America’s most famous house.

During the first semester of Obama’s tenure, her preferences for sleeves looks drew bizarre criticism. This reminded of Robin Givhan’s critique articles as a fashion editor in The Washington Post which she wrote for Hillary Clinton in 2007 gained appreciation.

People zeroed in on her arms because they were not the arms of a fragile damsel who was white. She said in an episode about Obama. Non-White Americans have for years looked at the White first lady. Also, were still able to say that she represented them.

But I think it becomes a much more challenging thing for some White Americans to Look at a Black first lady and see themselves in her. Instead, they simply saw her as an alien.

Complex legacies 

If the history had pictured differently, Jackie Kennedy’s bequest might have been reduced only to an interior designer. However her true nature on the day of her husband’s assassination.

Hours after her husband shot, Kennedy made her bold discoing to address the public in the same blood-stained pink dress. So she wore it during the attack.

It was a cataclysm moment in American History.

In Michelle Obama’s autobiography, she reveals the extents she went to while styling herself for her public appearances. So finding it impossible to look across the room at her husband.

I sighed sometimes, watching Barack pull the same dark suit out of his closet.  As head off to work without even needing a comb.

“For me, my choices were simply a way to use my curious relationship with the public gaze to boost a diverse set of up- and –comers.” She wrote.

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