Keeping Faith Season 3 Shoot Wrapped up & What we know so far

The fans of Keeping Faith should get ready as their favorite show is returning with the third season. In January 2020, the makers of the show announced the show is renewed for another season.

The show will be released in two different languages Welsh and English. The name of the series will be Un Bore Mercher on S4C.

What the makers have to say?

The channel director, Amanda Rees says that she is very excited for the show to make a comeback. She claimed the show as a pioneering drama felicitated as one of the S4C originals.

It features the amazing sceneries of Whales. Keeping Faith has raised the profile of Whales drama on a global level says the director.

Keeping Faith Season 3: Expected storyline

In the last episode of the second season, we saw Faith Howells went to look for the woman who could stop Madlen’s conviction and stop killing her husband. Everything turned upside down when Madlen confessed that she is the one behind all the slayings and Evan’s truth comes out on the other side.

Apart from this Gael Reardon flee out of the town. After all these happenings, Gael didn’t confront Faith’s wrath as a mother and a wife who was in a fierce argument with her partner.

Things became worse when Evan attempted to stab himself with a kitchen knife. Faith asked him not to create a drama in front of their children. Evan eventually packed her back to live somewhere else. At the end of the season, we saw Evan sharing a close space with Steve Baldini and making love on the beach.

When can we get the release date of Keeping Faith?

The other info we know about is the cast of the show which includes Eve Myles, Steve Baldini, and Bradley Freegard to reunite in the third season. Oliver’s award-winning actors like Celia and Imrie will join the cast too.

The show will release in Welsh and English which is quite difficult yet an incredible thing according to actress Eve Myles.

The show is planned to release in Welsh on channel S4C in October 2020 and in English on channel BBC in early 2021.

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