Vampire Drama- First Kill Season 1: Possible Plotline, Cast News & Everything we know so far

Vampire Drama Updates: Netflix is all over with trendy and unique dramas adaptation from books and novels. Now it has come up with the latest short story series ”First Kill.” We are checking up on every new detail about the series including the cast, release, and production updates.

Know about the series ”First Kill”

First Kill is a Netflix original fantasy drama especially designed for teenagers. The upcoming drama is created and written by V.E. Schwab. The series is truly based on Schwab’s short story with a similar name. The story was imprinted earlier as Vampires Never Get old: Tales with Fresh Bite.

The showrunner of the show First Kill is Felicia D. Henderson, who previously worked on series like Empire, The Punisher, Gossip Girl, and now id directing First Kill with her fine skills. She will also serve as the executive producer and do some writing part of the series as well.

The series has Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss as executive producers through Bellerist Productions.

The plot of Vampire Drama- First Kill

The story revolves around a teenager named Juliette, who had to take her place amongst other powerful vampire family members by making her First Kill. Juliette to fulfill this desire sets her eyes on a new girl in town Calliope, who later revealed comes from a family of prestigious and strong vampire hunters.

Both of them soon learned that it is not going to be easy to kill the other. As time passed they get to know more about each other and begin to fall in love.

Total Number of Episodes?

It is officially confirmed that the first season of the First Kill will have a total of eight episodes. Each episode is going to have a runtime of about 60 minutes.

What about the cast members of Vampire Drama- First Kill

As of now, there is no official announcement about the cast members except for the creators, writers, and producers. We could possibly see the involvement of Emma Roberts in the film as a cast member. Roberts is a star from Ryan’s Murphy American Horror story series and shares a comfortable space in the supernatural and fiction genre.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about the drama First Kill.

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