Seraph of the End Chapter 96: Confirm Release Date & Everything we know so far

The series “ Seraph of the End” is one of the fantasy series and it was one of the best manga series.  The original manga series was written by Takaya Kagami.  The manga creators made the series in an extraordinary manner. This series is based on the genre of dark fantasy and was illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.  Let us discuss an upcoming chapter 96.

Seraph of the End Chapter 96: Release date

There was a scheduled release date for this series and it was set to be released on Tuesday 3, November 2020.  This manga series is featured by Viz Media and weekly shonen jump magazines.  The entire script of this series was written by Takaya Kagami.

I hope these scriptwriters will be made the series completely indifferent manners. There were so many versions in this series and presently Viz Media had introduced the English version.  This upcoming series had a good platform in the film industry.

Chapter 96 Recap

In the previous chapter, there was a character named Shinoda and he thinks that the boys are fighting to prove themselves.  Another character emerges in this story, Mitsuba said that girl will decide the winner.  Kimizuki and Yu start the battle. Suddenly Kimizuki stabs Yu and he also realizes that Yu is more powerful than him.

But, Kimizuki decided to fight over him in order to save his sister. Finally, kimizuki heard the news that his sister died. One of the characters named Kiseki also says that Kimizuki cares about his friends.  He also adds that he is losing what he needs and wants. But, Kimizuki asked Kiseki what he wants. Kiseki said that he will not help him and he will have to figure it on his own. He advises Kimizuki to forget past things and move on.

Yu always wins in the fight, but Kimizuki has decided that he wants to win in the next fight. Kimizuki opens his heart to Kiseki and received some magical powers. The fight continues and the story revolves around them in an active manner. Stay tuned for more updates.

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