Kimi Wa Kanata Official Trailer Released- Check out for more details

Kimi Wa Kanata Updates: Directed and written by Yoshinobu Sena and produced by Digital Network Animation, Kimi Wa Kanata is an all-new fresh anime set in Ikebukuro, the city of constant change.

Kimi Wa Kanata: Release Date

It’s good news for the Anime fans that the youth fantasy animation Kimi Wa Kanata is all set to hit the screens on the 27th of the next month i.e. November 2020.

The awaited anime is going to be released nationwide along with the release at TIHO cinemas Ikebukuro.

Official Trailer

An official teaser of the anime was released long back in the month of July of the year 2020. An official trailer has also been released this Tuesday which gives us an insight into the upcoming anime.

The anime fans can watch the trailer on the official website of the anime movie or the trailer is also made available on YouTube.

Kimi Wa Kanata: Plot of the anime

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The story is all about two childhood friends named Arata and Mio who live in the district of Ikebukuro of Tokyo. As a result of the time they spend together, Mio starts thinking about Arata all the time and slowly starts developing feelings for him.

Things become intense when they have a fight and Mio, who hasn’t yet confessed to Arata about any of her feelings starts walking towards him all soaked in rain and meets with a tragic accident.

She later wakes up after the accident into some different unknown world.

Kimi Wa Kanata: Cast of the Anime

The list of the cast of the anime and their characters are as follows:
Honoka Matsumoto as Mio
Toshiki Seto as Arata
Saori Hayami as Kiku chan
Yui Ogura as Madoka
Koichi Yamadera and Ikue Otani are voicing for Gimon’s character
Mari Natsuki as Mori Obaa- chan
Naota Takenaka as Mojari
Anna Tsuchiya as Orika
Takehiro Kimoto as lost and found the officer

Where to Watch?

Though it will take two weeks after the release for the English dubbed and subtitled anime to be available, it can be watched directly after it’s release on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

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