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Kimi wa Kanata: When is it about to hit the screen? click to know Every Detail

Kimi wa Kanata Release Date

Kimi wa Kanata Update: A Japanese anime film translates as “You Are Beyond is outlined with a youth fantasy imagination in much resonance with the movies like A Whisker Away, Weathering With You, Your Name, Her Blue Sky is written and directed by Yoshinobu Sena marking his debut with the first full-length feature. Produced by Digital Network Animation, this project must be in its last stretch going through some final refinements before its nearing premiere.

Let’s take a quick scan into the trailer, arrival, storyline details

Kimi wa Kanata: When is it about to hit the screen?

Kimi wa Kanata Release Date every details

Its official teaser first surfaced back in the month of July while the 1-min trailer didn’t slide along till a  couple of weeks before.

The flick is slated for a release on Nov 27th, 2020, Friday, and will have a theatrical run at TIHO cinemas Ikebukuro as it rolls out to few others in the nation.

Kimi wa Kanata: How is the story framed in this anime?

This is a breezy take on the new sparking emotions experienced on the cusp of adolescence.

Set in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, it revolves around two longtime friends, Arata and Mio. While Mio develops a longing for Arata, she doesn’t profess her newfound infatuation and Arata being ignorant of it, doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. They continue to stick around their platonic relationship until one day they get in a tiff. After letting tensions settle, Mio heads over to Arata to patch up with him in the pouring rain when she gets knocked over in a traffic accident and regains consciousness while an unfamiliar land appears before her.

What is the voice-over cast for this feature?

Characterizing the illustration is Honoka Matsumoto as the lead  Mio paired up with Arata voiced by Toshiki Seto. Adjunct to them is another supporting cast of Saori Hayami as Kiku chan, Yui Ogura aa Madoka, Koichi Yamadera, and Ikue Otani collaboratively as Gimon, Naota Takenaka as Mojari, Anna Tsuchiya as Orika, and Takehiro Kimoto as lost and found an officer.

Kimi wa Kanata: Where to stream it online?

We strongly don’t recommend any unofficial site for it may provoke security issues or illicit content.

The anime can be streamed on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu limited for the subscribed users which will be available with English subtitles and dubs in under two weeks.

Make sure to check out its trailer on its official YouTube channel and stay tuned in to learn more about the latest details.

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