Gravity Falls Season 3: Rumours about Renewal of the show

Gravity Falls Season 3 Updates: Lately, a lot of rumors and fake news have been floating all-around about the third season of Gravity Falls. Hence, Disney has confirmed a list of these fake rumors and news.

Here is all that we officially know. Gravity Falls has been one of the most memorable and nostalgic series from the childhood of millions of people. It is an animated television series.

The series belongs to the comedy, adventure, and mystery-thriller genre. This show premiered on Disney Channel on June 15, 2012, and dropped its last episode on February 15, 2016. During this span of one year, this show has provided light-hearted comedy to everyone.

However, four years after the end of this show, there have been many rumors about the release of the third season of Gravity Falls.

Are the Rumours True about Gravity Falls Season 3?

Gravity Falls terminated four years back. There are no plans for Disney to return with the show. At the time of writing the show, the makers did not plan to renew it for a new season.

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However, we can observe that a lot of fake rumors have been circulated on social media. Clickbait’s title is mostly used as a reference to suggest the return of the show. However, this is not the case.

The creator of the show, Alex Hirsch affirmed in 2015 that Gravity Fall will not continue after the second season. Hence, it was made clear that the show will not have any renewal after season 2. This was the original plan of the show.

The creator also confirmed in 2017 that he is planning to reopen the show. However, it was just for a few special episodes or additional episodes.

Hence, it was not the renewal of the show for the third running. Also, since then there has been no mention of the same publicly. Hence, it is still not sure if the show will return.

Recently, one of the shorts, Gravity Falls X Line Rider, was released on September 11. However, we are still not sure if it is the only short installment or we will have more.

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