Pokemon Journey Episode 41: Releasing Tomorrow & Review on the last episode

Pokemon Journey: Updates Abbreviated from the Japanese title Pocket monsters, this animated series is a legacy by itself and has been running down since 1998 to this day. Emanating from the manga there have been video game series, several spin-offs, side stories with full-length and TV-shows like Pocket Monsters  Income, Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station, Pokemon Smash! , Meet up at the Pokemon House? and a couple more.

It has been credited the longest-running anime shows and yet  Ash’s quest shows no sign to be quenched.  The seven sequential series in Japan are categorized into 23 television series broadcasted internationally, with the 23rd, Pokemon Journeys scheduled from  June 12, 2020; streaming on Netflix.

Here’s the show, Pokemon’s Journey’s main background condensed for you

The plot of Pokemon Journey

The series with the widest viewership on Netflix concentrates on all the eight regions; Kanto, Kalos, Unova, Hoenn, Johto, Alola, Sinnoh including Galar. It premieres with interlocking Pikachu’s backstory as Pichu with Ash’s when he was six years old.

Following up is Ash and Pikachu’s journey all along the way to the 8 regions associated with Gohr and his  Scorbunny who metamorphosizes into Reboot. Joined by a sidekick Chloe and her Yammer; Mr.Mime, Gengar, Dragonite, Riolu, Galarion, Farfetch’d are currently positioned in Ash’s team as of now.

Pokemon Journey: Review on the last episode of this ongoing chapter

Originally started on Nov 17 2019 in Japan, the last episode of its international broadcast titled “Vs Thunder!  A legendary Raid Battle ” featured a mysterious phenomenon, later proved to be Thunder; draining the electric power from Kuchiba City.

Professor Sakuragi appoints Satoshi and Goh to examine the matter leading them to the Kanto Power Plant where they had a Major Raid Battle to capture the Thunder for themselves. Goh’s choosing Flugon to help capacitating  Rabbifuto decidedly goes wrong for he fails to get hold of Thunder, who had the inordinately absorbed power to recharge all the area’s Electric Pokemons.

When is the next; Ep 41 due for a release?

It is stated for a release on Oct 18,2020 at 6:00 P.M JST and at 2 P.M. PDT, per its usual premieres on Sunday.

Given the present tension pervading the environment for the pandemic, it is difficult to proceed with the animation production and yet the crew is working committedly through a schedule to serve this hit its fair share of justice.

That’s all for the time being, we will keep you updated with the newest information as they come along.

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