South Park 24: Will the series be back with another new season?

South Park 24 Updates: Fans of this series have been waiting quite patiently to welcome another fresh new season on board. South Park has been entertaining a large number of viewers since 1997 and perseveres it’s successful journey still. We acknowledged the last season just back in 2019 and are hoping for renewal once again. So will there be another season to this increasingly popular series? If yes, then by when?

Making a close study of the airing pattern of the series, we see that the series releases a new season every year. That means let’s expect a brand new season by the end of this year. However, no announcement in this regard has been yet released officially. Moreover, we also got a special episode on September 30, 2020.

This special episode was plotted on the ongoing noble pandemic. Receiving a good welcome and response from its fans, we yet do not know whether it was a part of the season coming up or just like an add-on to the series.

Expectations from South Park Season 24: 

South Park season 24

We all are not ignorant of the fact that the series airs the scenario in South Park and the ongoing encounters of the people residing in that place. The story is put forth by Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflosvki, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, the 4 kids who stay in South Park.

We have seen so far that the various episodes bring to us the different kinds of stumbling blocks, the residents of South Park face in their daily lives.  These range from the daily life hurdles to the supernatural occurrences that happen in the place and the 4 kids facing them.

About the new and the 24th season, we cannot foretell enough. Still, for now, we can guess that, since the special episode aired the pandemic issues faced by the people of South Park. the new season is going to be picked up from there itself. Moreover, they may show the struggle of the people amidst this burning pandemic.

Coupled with the pandemic scenario we can also expect the new season to include some issues which are trending in the U.S. contemporarily. For instance, the anti-racism struggle or the presidential elections. This provides a very pragmatic view.

So let us expect the new season to bring in, an essence of practicality and contemporaneous outlook. Let’s hold on till the new season hits the coast.

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