Attack on Titan: Few things to expect in season 4 & Every other detail

Attack on Titan Updates: The fans of the manga might have an idea about the direction of the story but series viewers may be less clear about how the series will wrap things up. Attack on Titan is leading to its fourth season finale this December highlighting the fight of humanity against the Titans. There are quite changes in since the Colossal Titan broke down Wall Maria and the effect on the lives of Eren, Armin and Mikasa has come to a closure.

Here are few things we learned from the Attack on Titan in the Trailer of Season 4:

1. Skip of Time

The fans of Attack in titans manga know the jump in the story to several years into the future after the fight with Shinganshina District. From the trailer, we see older Eren and bearded Reiner so it highlights the time skip. In the 20 episodes, there are definitely more events the manga would include.

2. Change in Viewpoint

The attack on titan’s manga deviates its focus on Marley for a time being, showing the readers the perspectives of Reiner and comrades. The trailer shows that we can meet Reiner’s friends and acquaintances. They can expect to know through the people living in Marley.

3. Entry of New Characters

Along with all this, we can probably meet new characters during season 4, as the trailer teased Reiner’s cousin, Gabi, and other fresh faces. These teens are living in Marley’s Eldian internment zone and they are training to become the Titan warriors of the upcoming generation.

4. A fierce War

When the next arc of attack will be planned in Titan, Eldia and Marley are seen in war zones and several battles taking over in the given course of time. Not only the Survey Corps missions to keep Eren away from Bertolt and Reiner but other advancements and technology that has enhanced throughout. Fans can expect violent and chaotic wars and fights in season 4.

5. Death of a few Characters

With war loaded underway, the conclusion is near for the viewers. So fans can see major characters dying before season 4 of Attack of Titan approaches. The manga has not ended this officially but might demarcate few familiar faces in the recent chapters.

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