Money Heist Season 5: Will Nairobi return in this season?

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: Money Heist, the phenomenal Netflix show which stirred up the entire world is now officially returning with a fifth season.

And Apparently, this season would be the series finale. The series has broken every possible record and still stands as the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. The fourth season of this phenomenal series has received about 65 million viewership.

Additionally, viewers, we have a great piece of news for you all. A documentary series was released on 3rd April 2020, named as Money Heist: The Phenomenon.

It describes the huge rise of the series and includes guests such as Ted Sarandos and several of the cast and crew members. You will also get beautiful insights and all the deleted scenes of the series. The fourth season was released globally on 3rd April 2020 and consisted of 8 episodes.

Is Money Heist returning for the 5th season?

Yes, Netflix has recently declared, the Money Heist’s renewal status, in August 2020. But, unfortunately, this series will come to an end with the fifth season.

They mentioned regarding, the heist will end with the fifth season, giving hint towards the fifth sequel to be the final season of the globally hit Spanish series.

In one statement, Alexa Pina mentioned regarding the fifth season will answer all your queries. The fifth season will be quite exciting and save in terms of war. 

What is the current status of Money heist, Season 5?

Image Source: Money Heist Wiki- Fandom

As of now, the fifth season is still in the filming process. Towards early July 2020, Pina affirmed that he is writing the fifth season. While on 21st July 2020, Alaro Morte mentioned on Instagram, that The Professor is back. Well, it is confirmed now that Berlin is returning for the fifth season. 

Well, As of Nairobi, who died in the fourth season, 6th episode, will most probably returning for the fifth season. But, the best part is. despite the death sequence, she will appear onset in the 5th season’s 1st episode. Be it flashbacks or repeats, she will be returning to the series. 

The expected Plot

Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel has recently wrapped up its 4th season. Well, the heist is still on, however, it will be over in the 5th season. So, let’s have a quick recap for a proper understanding.

The heist is still on and Lisbon joins the gang in Bank of Spain. However, the biggest problem which the gang faces is the Professor is now on the verge of getting caught. The professor is caught red-handed, with a gun pointed to his head, the screen freezes on this scene and rolls into credits.

Well, there are plenty of fan-based theories, where they mentioned that Alicia has gone rogue now, while others believed that Alicia’s pregnancy is rumored one, also others believe that she may be the ex-spouse of Berlin. 

Now let’s return to the bank. There the other gang members are present and they need to work out on the final stage of the heist.

We also witnessed, that the team is currently in the basement, melting down the gold into tiny balls. But the biggest query is how will they escape and keep their freedom. So, wait for the finale of the series to answer all your query.


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