Big Little Lies Season 3: Will the series return with another sequel?

Big Little Lies Season 3 Updates: Since the past few years, maximum movie stars have shifted their focus from movies to TV series and dive deeper into the characters.

They have even received serious acknowledgment owing to these TV series characters. One of the prime examples of such a thing is HBO’s Big Little Lies.

It has several eminent personalities such as Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, and Zoe Kravitz. And owing to such a commendable cast and Popularity of the show, fans are now expecting another season of the series. And Nicole Kidman has spoken in support of the fan’s expectations.

Big Little Lies Season 3 returning with another season?

Big Little Lies is based on a novel sharing the same name, whose author is Liane Moriarty. With such immense popularity, fans are hoping for a third sequel.

Additionally, Producer, Nicole Kidman recently said about the possibility of 3rd Season. Kidman mentioned that recently she and Reese had a conversation. They all wanted to work together again.

Image Source: Town & Country Magazine

Zoe, Laura all want to do it again, while David and Liane also wanted to join. Well, this is indeed a cryptic confirmation regarding the renewal of the series. Big Little Lies is currently streaming on HBO Max, and you can signup and start binging.

We expect the season to renew its contract. The show has earned huge success for both the seasons and audiences loved it.

The storyline of Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies, the second season concluded with Celeste winning the custody battle with Marie Louise.

Fans are now eager to witness what consequences the women might face for the crime and hiding the truth. They also wondered what Bonnie’s punishment might be. Moreover, the fans want to know more about Renata’s divorce and Madeline’s marriage.

With all these queries on board, the arrival of a third season may help you quench your thirst. So, let’s wait for an official notification to confirm our doubts.

For any more updates, stay tuned.

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