Yellowstone Season 4: Walker to hand Duttons to police in undercover twist

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: Recently, Yellowstone dropped its fourth season. The fans and viewers of the show are unable to accept and recover from the horrific attack made by the Dutton in the season finale. However, a new rival could be waiting and lurking within their ranks.

In the second season of the show, Walker earned and maintained the trust of the Dutton family. He took a job in the Yellowstone ranch. However, certain fans also cite that the ranch owners should tread carefully when the western drama’s rights are reserved with Paramount next year.

After the release of the third season of the show, the fans of the show have to wait for the next installment. It will return next year. Until then the viewers have plenty to ponder about. It is anticipated that in the next installment, the powerful and strong ranch owners will be much more paranoid. This will be because they have attacked John Dutton devastatingly. Hence, the next season is much-awaited.

What will happen in Yellowstone Season 4?


We are following the luck of John, Beth, and Kayce up in the air. It is also anticipated that one of them could meet a gruesome end in the fourth season. Further, viewers of the show have also said that they have observed a greater level of kindness from Duttons towards Walker. This could be as he knows a mysterious clue.

Duttons have a dark history. They have many secrets which if made public, can destroy their entire empire. Their darkest and biggest secret is the giant ditch of dead bodies codenamed ‘train station’. Previously, in the second season of the show, Rip along with Jamie made plans to take Walker into the train station.

He seemed too untrustworthy to be kept alive. However, next season he returned and asked certain suspicious questions about the most mysterious and shadiest part of Dutton ranch.

However, the suspicious behavior of Walker has led the viewers to speculate that he is wearing either wire of the police or one of the ranch’s several rivals.

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