Fear the Walking Dead: Is Alex returning for yet another installment

Fear the Walking Dead has managed to keep the audience hooked since its release in 2010. It adapted the novel of Robert Kirkman. While, the show struggled a lot initially, yet it has created a magical impact on the audience. From one season, it soon became a smashing hit franchise, which included the production of spin-offs, toys, video games, and whatnot. This franchise enjoys a humongous fan base owing to its unique strategy and commendable story.

The original Walking dead series initially wanted to make the 11th Season as a series finale, but now they want to promote their spinoff, Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The storyline of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 4762

Moreover, to promote the sequel, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 4762, makers have tried several methods. The story narrates a zombie attack on a plane. Two passengers when boarding the flight, are subjected to attack. In the process of serving these zombies, they bond with each other. The lead characters are Alex and Jake.

The character Alex received huge appreciation and she was Jake met in the 3rd episode of 2nd season. They met when they had survived the plane crash. But, Jake is severely injured, and eventually, they meet Travis and his survivor friends.

Things go south when Victor doesn’t allow her or Jake to come onboard on his Yacht, Abigail. After a lot of arguments, he allows them a raft that would be towed by the boat. But as soon as they board the raft, Victor cuts the rope between the yacht and the raft. They are left behind in the middle of nowhere and are stuck in the ocean.

Alex is a very resourceful character, and her disappearance is quite uncomfortable. She joins the pirates, who eventually sabotage Abigail. And discloses to Travis that the mastermind behind this attack was none other than Alex. She also discloses that she had to euthanize Jake to relieve him of his pain.

Alex’s disappearance from the series

After this episode, Alex has never witnessed in the series. She was present in only two episodes, despite the hype and being so resourceful. It’s quite disappointing, not only she was a fan favorite character but also had some importance. So, before making her disappear, makers should have thought properly. As we know how resourceful she is, we expect her to mark her return any time in the upcoming installment.

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