The Umbrella Academy Season 2: Theory Explained & What we know so far

The Umbrella Academy season 2 ended with the big reveal of the Sparrow Academy taking the Umbrella team’s place in 2019, and The Umbrella Academy made its debut on Netflix in February 2019 and quickly became very popular. A few weeks later, it was renewed for a second season, released in July 2020.

The Umbrella Academy follows the family of adopted siblings, the Hargreeves. All seven of them, along with other 36 babies, were born on the same day, at the same time, and to women who weren’t pregnant when the day began. Scientist and billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves set out to adopt as many of those babies as he could, but only got seven of them.

The Umbrella Academy season 2: Theory 

Reginald built her to be the perfect housewife and mother to the kids, and she gave them the attention, love, and protection they needed. Before she was built, the kids were referred to by numbers, and it was Grace who gave them names (except for Five, who disappeared before that). Diego was especially close to Grace, as she helped him through his personal struggles, as was his stammer.

The author of the theory explains that Grace was the only positive authority figure the Hargreeves had (surely, Pogo treated them right too, but he was more of a neutral figure), and without her, the Sparrow children will definitely be different, as seen with Ben. It’s also possible that the members of the Sparrow Academy don’t have names, only numbers, as giving them proper names would have created a bond between Reginald and the kids that he surely wanted to avoid.

The Umbrella Academy messed with the timeline so badly that the Sparrow Academy is pretty much their fault, and if their violent acts and rudeness are also a result of their actions from 1963, there will surely be some arguments between the siblings, especially with Diego.

This would also make the teams complete opposites, making way for a lot of conflict between them, both personal and as teams, as they will approach threats differently. There will also be the big question of what happened to Grace after she left Reginald, and with that what happened to Pogo as well, as they could be together as she had a maternal bond with baby Pogo.

Grace’s absence surely had an impact on Reginald, who might have become more selfish, rude, and emotionally unavailable than he already was, which would have also affected the Sparrow Academy, who might have had an even more intense upbringing than the Hargreeves, in addition to the absence of a maternal figure.

Depending on what the big threat is in The Umbrella Academy season 3, the Umbrella and Sparrow teams could find a middle ground and join forces, though the road to that will surely be bumpy, but very entertaining to watch.

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