Marvel’s Avengers expected villains for competing against Hawkeye!

Marvel’s Avengers Updates: Recently, Marvel’s Avengers’ is going to get an extra spin-off, focusing mainly on Hawkeye, aka Kate Bishop. You can witness Clint Barton disappearing during the investigation on A.I.M.’s recent project.

It seems that the plot will be quite similar to the comics, and Monica will be able to teleport, unlike Clint. As of now, there is some speculating information regarding the movie going on. Such as the events involve A.I.M and also Monica Rappacini and or Tachyon research.

So, depending on the above-mentioned information, we are listing probable villains against Hawkeye.

Marvel’s Avengers Villians

1. Barney Barton (Trickshot)

Clint Barton is the biological brother of Barney Barton, who was in the orphanage along with Clint. Eventually, both of them joined the circus, which also worked as a criminal organization providing archery training.

Gradually, Barney decides that he had enough of being a part of the Circus and joins the army, leaving behind his brother. Over time he becomes jealous and becomes the evil version of Hawkeye. Barney’s ability almost mirrors Clint’s ability, so it would be more intriguing to witness both the brothers fight.

2. Keniuchio Harada (Silver Samurai)

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Keniuchio is a longtime Marvel villain who uses tachyon manipulation in a quite efficient manner to manipulate people. He wraps the energy around his blade, thereby making it possible to cut through literally everything.

In MCU everything is possible, so instead of calling him mutant, we can call him inhuman, who worked with Hydra but doesn’t have any ties with A.I.M. till now.

3. Bullseye

Bullseye is a murderer, who has a special ability to throw literally anything and it would turn deadly. He has murdered people using cards, staples, paper clips, and even meager items like peanuts. Bullseye often is called Lester, and he has often fought with Clint earning him a place on our list.

So, with the above listed probable list of villains, we expect one of them to become Clint’s competitor. With the entire plot under wrap and also the star cast under wrap, we only have a hypothesis with us. So, let’s wait for any official notification to arrive to know more about the villain.

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