Marvel Reveals Black Widow Has A Son, Click to know every other detail

Black Widow Updates: Black Widow’s life has gone through many modifications with inside the previous few years of Marvel Comics, following moving public belief of the person because the MCU first noticed her die after which introduced Scarlett Johansson might be returning as Natasha in 2021’black Widow movie.

Synergizing with a renewed public hobby in Black Widow and her former existence in Russia, ongoing comedian series Black Widow is presently depicting the Russian brilliant undercover agent’s new civilian existence.

She’s were given a residence with inside the suburbs, an activity as an architect, or even a family, however, all of it feels too correct to be true. Black Widow’s new existence commenced after she found that any person had damaged her apartment.

Instead of strolling thru the door, the skilled undercover agent determined to climb across the outdoor of the construction and in thru her window. Unfortunately, her attacker changed into capable of getting the drop on her and dispatched Natasha falling closer to the streets below.

Black Widow: Update

After that, the tale alternatives up 3 months later in San Francisco, with Natasha dwelling on her new existence. Unbeknownst to her, however, Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier notice her on a newscast and determine to test upon her.


Writer Kelly Thompson, with artists Elena Casagrande and Jordie Bellaire, opens Black Widow #2 with Bucky and Clint doing recon outdoor of Natasha’s mansion. They are taken aback to locate that she without a doubt seems… happy. Clint comes to a decision to get a better appearance and processes Natasha at the same time as she is operating in her storage. She introduces herself as Natalie and the 2 begin discussing existence.

During this discussion, a younger boy walks into the store, and Black Widow alternatives him up and introduce Clint toher son, Stevie. Quickly after getting to know this sudden records and assembly Nat’s fiancé, James, Hawkeye says his goodbyes and heads out Once Clint returns to Bucky, the 2 talks to the child.

Bucky says that Stevie seems similar to Nat, however, Bucky struggles to trust that this may be true. After all, Black Widow changed into the simplest lacking for approximately 3 months.

Nevertheless, Clint believes that Nat is certainly happy. In addition to searching like his mother, Stevie appears to have inherited every other trait from Nat. Throughout the comedian, it’s far mentioned that the child is a “little getaway artist,” a forte with which Black Widow is all too familiar. Still, it’s far hard to inform whether or not or now no longer any of those new factors of Nat’s existence are certainly what they seem.

Multiple factors of the tale should lead readers to trust that Black Widow’s new existence is simplest temporary, especially considering greater humans are maintaining tabs on her than simply Clint and Bucky. Black Widow three is about for launch in November and with a bit of luck, it’s going to provide greater perception into what’s certainly taking place with inside the existence of Black Widow.

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