BBC’s Taboo Season 2 is All set to Return, Who’ll in the Cast and Storyline and Reason behind the Delay.

Taboo Season 2 Updates: BBC’s Taboo is all set to return to the screens after a halt of almost 3 years. Starring Tom Hardy, Taboo is a British television drama television series airing on BBC One. The show is created by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), Tom Hardy, and Tom’s dad, Chip Hardy. Taboo first debuted back in January 2017.

The show received many positive comments, also, Tom Hardy never fails to impress. However, the fans thought that after the huge success of season 1, the show will return quickly. But, it took 3 years for the show to finally drop some updates.

And, now the wait is over. The fans who waited religiously for the show can breathe again. So, go ahead and catch up on all the updates regarding the new season.

Even though we are positive about the return of the second season, we have to wait quite a bit for it to premiere. According to our sources, there is no official release date set for season 2.

However, when the series first premiered, the show was immediately renewed by the network. Also, the show gained huge popularity which made the fans more impatient. In March 2017, Taboo was green signed for a season 2. And, here we are in 2020 still waiting for it.

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Luckily, last year Steven Knight finished with scripting for the show. Moreover, it is believed that they will begin filming again & it’s under production despite the strict laws abiding in Britain.

But, we still do not expect the show to premiere anytime soon. So, we still have to wait, and maybe by the end of 2021, we will be able to watch the show.

One of the crucial reasons behind the delay of the show is the packed schedules of the cast and crew. Especially, the creators of the show, Tom Hardy and Steven Knight are busy with other commitments.

Where Hardy is busy with his upcoming projects like Venom 2; Knight is busy penning down the story of his another successful show, Peaky Blinders.

Steven Knight notified the audience that season 2 will be set in America. This means we will see the characters doing some serious gang pleasure in America.

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