The Boys Season 3 hints at Jensen Ackles Badass Villain – Click to know

The Boys Season 3 Updates: The Boys  Amazon’s hit superheroes series is coming back with its third season and the viewers are pretty much excited about the arrival of star Jensen Ackles, who will join the show as supe soldier boy.

The Showrunner Erin Kripke talked about the news

The actor has been seen in Supernatural playing the role of a good-hearted demon hunter named Dean Winchester. The Boys showrunner Kripke said that the fans will see a completely new side of the actor in the latest season.

In one of his interviews, he said ” I think anyone expecting Jensen to show up and be a good guy will be disappointed.”
Erin further added that in the comic the particular character is just as subservient as Homelander and as they are getting to know more about the history and past of Vought because of his relevance to John Vanya.

He continued that he has been one of these guys that were around for decades of Vought history. And he became Homelamder before Homelander and is from a completely different era. Though he got the same rage, ego, and ambition it just comes across differently because he’s from a different time being.

The Boys Season 3: The makers on joining of Jensen Ackles!

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Back in august Kripke announced that Jensen Ackles would be entering the superhero series after he left Supernatural this year. He is all set to play the role of a soldier boy written in the comic story.

The respective character leads the second most popular team of Vought and is tagged as a superhero after his return from world war II. While revealing Ackles casting in the show, the creator Kripke said that the actor Jensen will bring more temper, pathos, and menace to the role of a superhero.

He urged his anticipation in a statement that ” I cant wait to be on set with him again, and bring a bit f Supernatural to the boys.”

Amazon is almost prepared to renew The Boy’s third part after the release of the second season in September. The superheroes series is streaming on Amazon Prime and till now is one of the best series on the platform.

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