Why Enola Holmes Skipped A Major Kiss Scene? [Spoilers Ahead]

Enola Holmes Updates: The recent hit series of Netflix Enola Holmes featured well-known names like Millie Bobby, Henry Cavil, Sam Chaplin, and Louis Patridge intrigued the viewers with their evasive plots and twists. Apart from the Sherlock Holmes family, The show featured an additional character- A 17-year-old boy to be showcase an object of Enola’s affection.

The Chemistry between Enola and Tewkesbury 

The chemistry showed between Enola and new boy Lord Tewkesbury exciting the fans when they dodged the hit on his head and Enola solved ciphers to solve the mystery of her mother’s sudden disappearance.
Coming towards the end of the season, Tewkesbury asks Enola to stay with him followed by a gentle kiss on her wrist. But according to him, the original plan of the movie is the characters showing more affection at the end.

He stated- ”There was actually in the script- yeah, maybe I shouldn’t tell you, it’s a little bit inside information- there was meant to be a kiss scene. Well, not a kiss scene but like a kiss on the cheek or something at the gates when I’m in my, top hat about to go into to vote. But we decided to leave it up in the air which I think is sort of a good call.”

More about the two Characters

As the fans were expecting more romance and affection between the two young Enola Holmes characters, It sounded like originally Louis was going to kiss the cheeks of Booby Brown but on set they decided to render the audience with an open-ended future between the two.

Patrick added that he thinks the relation the two shares is quite innocent with elements of romance and he liked their bond obviously. He said that the two don’t have to define what they have and they gel well together. So he hoped that the Internet received it that way and not like that the two were in love.

The show Enola Holmes was the number one trending Netflix film last week and has performed well based on reviews by critics and viewers. The makers are planning to continue the story, so let’s see if there will be a sequel or not.

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