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The Beautiful Bond Of The Big Bang Theory’s Cast

The Beautiful Bond Of The Big Bang Theory's Cast

The Big Bang Theory: might have come to an end, but the relationship between the cast of the show remains the same. Kenny Cuoco (who played Penny in the show) has shown her support towards co-actor Kunal Nayyar (who played Raj in the show) for his new project.

Last week, Kunal posted the trailer alongside a caption that said, “Very excited to share……Criminal U.K Season 2! A dream project, with a dream team of actors, writers, directors, and producers.On September 16th, @Netflix.” The actor is all set to perform in the anthology with Kit Harington, Sophie Okonedo, and Sharon Horgan. Kunal will play the key suspect in the series.

The Big Bang Theory’s: Cast Update

On the other hand, Kaley commented in his support quoting, ‘This looks so good.’ Kaley announced her latest project, ‘The Flight Attendant’ last month. According to a video posted by her on her Instagram handle, she said she was very excited about her latest project as she finishes the show.

The Beautiful Bond Of The Big Bang Theory's Cast-

She has produced as well as starring in the show. The show is based on a novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian. The show revolves around the life of a flight attendant (played by Kaley) who wakes up near a dead body in a Dubai hotel with no traces of what happened or how she got there.

Now coming back to Kunal, this is comeback made by Kunal after the Big Bang Theory, and after taking a short break from all the chaos.

The come-back of the actor in the Netflix series Criminal is a very big chance for the actor. Opposite to his role in the Big Bang Theory, his role is of a suspect who might be involved in some hideous crime.

The actor in an interview stated that “It was not like, oh! I am only going to do this kind of work, but it came at the right time. It was definitely what I wanted to do,” he said. He said it was important for him to do something completely different.

With all this said we all are excited about the show and see the new version of Kunal Nayyar.

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