Review of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast Season 3

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast Season 3: One of the most cheerful, enthusiastic, and friendly television series, Kipo and the Wonderbeast is based on the post-apocalyptic events. The third season is expected to be more complex as the characters confront more losses and set-backs. The series is exactly the kind of drama viewers are craving for these days with its 10 episodes.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast Season 3: Plot

The analogy of the whole series is revolving around 200 years back with the occurrence of an apocalypse that created Mutes, intelligent, giant humanoid animals who ruled over the earth and pushed humans inside. From then some groups of humans have been looking for cures to restore everything to normal. All this to make humans live on the surface and rule the world.

Know about the first two seasons!

The first seasons focus primarily on Kipo fighting against Scarlemagne, a mute mandrill, who was given intelligence by her parents that too in a lab. This made Kipo discover that she is also the result of an experiment.

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As her parents mixed up her DNA when she was born and she was a part of Mutes. She tried to control her mega-jaguar form to battle Scarlemagne and ended up succeeding in the fight.
By the end of the second season, there is a new villain in the town, Dr. Emila who decided to remove mutes forever.

What the Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast Season 3 possess?

In the third season, we can see Kipo’s struggles to keep her mute and human friends protected. She is aware of the fact that a war will break out soon but she’s willing to make sacrifices. Fortunately, she made understanding friends and it is one of her greatest strengths. The show highlights this hopefulness and optimism. Even on the hardest paths, hope is enough to keep the spirit alive.

In total, the viewers won’t be disappointed with the agility of the characters. The show will center Kipo, her two human friends- Wolf and Benson, and Mutes- Dave and Mandu. A few of the episodes will reveal the backstory of her friends. A sweet romance between Benson and her partner Troy will add more sheer to the show. Yumyan will become the more pivotal character in the third season.

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