The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Details and Recap of Season 2 Blaze Of Glory

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Updates: The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 2 has been released and in this episodes the kids are beyond their safety gates now, and experiencing new fear among the dead. The Episode 2 was about the blaze of glory, They have to pass the big fire and the dead zombies this time.

Read the Article at own, risk as it may contain few spoilers from the Episode.

About The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Photo Courtesy: AMC

It is the Spin-off series of The Walking Dead based on book with same name. The series will contain 2 Seasons of 10 episodes each.

The Plot of The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The Plot is after 10 years of apocalypse, the series is featuring four teenagers fighting against zombies and remaining few villains of mankind. The two episodes are released so far and recent is named ‘the blaze of glory’ available on Amazon Prime Video and AMC website.

Episode 2 Reviews and Details

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode is about how the kids Iris, Hope, Silas and Elton are beyond theri safety wall, where they have spent their lives after zombie-apocalypse. Hope and Iris’s father has contacted them in Episode 2 and hinted that his life is in danger, So the sisters with the help of their two friends trying to reach their father.

They have been trained by Felix to fight the dead with few rules and the kids are following them and have encountered three zombies till now, But in this episode they are in the middle of hundreds of zombies as they are trying to pass the blaze of glory.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Release Date and Time

So will the kids able to pass the blaze or will be caught by Felix who is in search of the kids, or will be in danger with zomibies, these all things will be revealed in Episode 3. Episode 3 will be released in coming weekend on amazon prime video.

The Cast of the Series

Aliyah Royale is playing Iris Bennett
Iris’s Sister Hope by Alexa Mansour
Silas Plaskett played by Hal Cumpston
Nicolas Cantu playing Elton Ortiz
Nico Tottorella is playing Felix Carlucci

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