How To Train Your Dragon 4 Renewed and What to expect Click to know details

How To Train Your Dragon 4  Updates: How to train your dragon: The Hidden World is the finale for the trilogy, but what about the fourth of the series. Now that the third is out in theaters, the future of the 4th is quite debatable.

Well, this is a major question erupting in the mind of the fans. So, in this article, we will discuss the future of the 4th season, its release date, and other details.

How to train your Dragon 4 details

In the past decade, Dreamworks adapts the children’s storybook and makes it quite phenomenal movies.

The first movie of the franchise collected a huge amount worldwide, approximately $494 million. While the second season received about $621 million, and both the movies receive a great reception from the audience as well as the critics.

The third and final part of the franchise is now running in the theatres. This final part is all set to take the audience on an adventurous trip of Hiccup with Toothless. The third franchise starts from events occurring one year later the second part’s end.

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Hiccup grows and becomes the chief of Berk, but the future of Berk is at stake. The reason behind the turmoil is the increasing dragon population and assigning of a dragon hunter, Grimmel to capture the alpha dragon, Toothless.

How To Train Your Dragon 4 Toothless

The focus of Toothless apart form finding a new shelter for the Vikings, is learning more about Light fury, his love. With the third season already being a smashing hit and performing so well at the international box office, the news is expected to become a hit.

But the makers have declared the third to be the finale, so the future of the 4th is at stake.

The director Dean DeBlois has made clear regarding the third to be the finale of the franchise, as it ended with a satisfactory note, so the 4th would be an unnecessary add on.  He has been talking regarding the same since 2014.

So, fans don’t get disheartened, you can always rewatch the entire series and enjoy the endless tale.
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