Haro Aso to Launch New Adaption from Alice in Borderland- Check it out here

Haro Aso Updates: Last Sunday there arrives news, revealing that Haro Aso is planning for something new. The new anime will be an adaptation of Alice in Borderland and with title Imawa no Kuni no Alice retry. The title with English translation is Alice in Borderland retry.

According to the confirmation this anime series will release on 14 October 2020. Meanwhile, Hari Aso on his official Twitter account reveals that intending to return from drawing but before that leaving a new manga series on Netflix.

This will basically be a live-action series adaptation of Alice in Borderland. Though it becomes difficult for Haso to bring Alice back onto the screens because it ended five years ago. It’s tough to remember the exact drawing and sketch of the previous creation.

Haro Aso: Theme and plot of upcoming anime : 

According to the sources, the information available till now states the upcoming manga adaptation will revolve around Ryohei Arisu (Alice) a teenage boy. He is a school going teen who is just fed up with his life and very much irritated.

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One night he with his two friends Karine and Chote was on a night out to hang out in the town. Suddenly fireworks and celebrations start in the town. When suddenly Ryohei Wales up and comes to sense, he finds himself in another world.

After inquiring, notices these are now one except his friends Karine and Chote with whom he was on night out. Meanwhile, Ryohei, Chote, and Kaedue in this new world which is unknown to them are forced to participate in survival games.

There are only two choices either participate, win, and get back to your world or just die off there. Now all of them fight for their survival. Now it will be interesting to witness how they will be able to return to their own world.

Haro initially created this series in 2014 for Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. Then it was transferred to Weekly Shonen. The final chapter of that story was published in March 2015.

So do not forget to watch Alice in Borderland retry on the release date. For more updates just stay tuned.

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