Boruto Episode 168 Revealed Why Sarada is the Weaket Uchina Clan Member

Boruto Episode 168 Updates: Buruto Episode 168 Boruto: Naruto next generations, “training begins”, comes up to the audience with a shocking revelation, why Sarada is the weakest Uchiha clan at her age.

As we have known, Kakashi trains Boruto and Sarada would be training under her father, Sasuke, and the moments pass it is known that she is the weakest of the Uchiha clan. The reason for this has to do with things like Sharingan conditioning and her peaceful bringing up.

Only Uchiha can be born with Sharingan, an ocular Dojutsu, which is giving them a great advantage in the war for years. Sharingan activates with the emotional triggers, Sarada activated her single tomoe.

Boruto Episode 168 Uchina Clan

Sasuke tells that, Sharingan evolution involves, the other side of emotional triggers, severe pain distress, and trauma. The curse of hatred, of the Uchiha clan, is Sharingan activates when Uchiha learns about the death of someone beloved or they themselves kill someone. Sasuke tells that she needs to go through something like this to train her eyes.

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Uchiha was a military force of the Konoha in the past, due to this the young soldiers had to take part in the war from a very young age, that was helpful for them to evolve Sharingan much quicker.

Boruto Episode 168: Is Sarada the Weakest Uchina Clan Member?

Though Sarada wants to be the one her father insisted. Young shinobi didn’t have excessive training or any deathly missions to go through, she had a calm and peaceful childhood, she does not know the hardships like her father.

Now, this became a hindrance, though her life is peaceful comfortable, and safe, this is resisting her progress.

Sasuke wanted her to work for her progress without any heartbreaks or tragedies. To learn this in this way, she has to dodge metal slugs thrown at her, only with the current vision, having single tomoe.

In her training, she exhausts her eyes, which starts to bleed, yet Sarada was not in the mood to give up. This makes her mother worry about who was spying at her training.

She knows that her daughter is putting herself under a lot of pressure to gain her Sharingan, but she knows that she is on the right track.

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