You Me Her Season 5: Netflix Release date & Every other detail

You Me Her Updates:  An American-Canadian comedy-drama series. The story is based on a married couple who enter a three-way romantic relationship. The story is set in Portland and is created by John Scott Shepherd. The series is running with brilliant 4 seasons and the fifth season is a few days away from the release. 

The shooting for the fifth season of You Me Her has come to an end, which marked the conclusion of the show. The show is set to release in late October 2020. Initially, the show was supposed to be aired by the US, it was handed over to Netflix when they failed to air all the episodes. The 10 episodes of the fifth season are directed by Jem Garrard. 

A lot of hassle was created during the release of the show in the US as it was taken offline midway through the series actual airing. The network was shut-down on May 22nd. Netflix licensed out the series from Audience Network (AT&T) and labeled it a Netflix original.

When will ‘You Me Her’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

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The release date of the series is October 22, 2020. The streamers can enjoy all the seasons of the show on Netflix.

Netflix Canada can be an exception where the series will be available exclusively on Crave with finale season streaming there as of the time of publishing.

Netflix has picked several Audience Network shows in recent years in the US, but it’s unclear about You Me Her. HBO was considered the next best streaming platform after the streaming failed on AT&T. No new streaming platform has been announced yet for the show other than Netflix.

The Cast of You Me Her Season 5

  • Greg Poehler as Jack Trakarsky
  • Rachel Blanchard as Emma Trakarsky
  • Priscilla acts as Izzy Silva
  • Melanie Papalia as Nina Martone

The other cast includes Carmen Amari, Andy Cutler, and Shaun. This is the cast details we have till now. Any changes in the cast will be revealed in a few days when the series goes on air.

The series is a few days away from the release. So, let’s wait to binge on it.

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