Yelp introduces a new Feature to Alert about Racism accused Businesses

Yelp Feature to Alert Racism accused Businesses: Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppleman founded a company named Yelp in 2004. Yelp expanded in Asia and Europe till 2019 and became a public company. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California. Yelp developed a mobile app which publishes the public reviews about the surrounding businesses. This online app is available in 15 different languages and can also be used for making reservations via a service, Yelp Reservations.

Yelp Feature to Alert Racism accused Businesses

Yelp serves as a social networking site and review application where one can rate any service in the scale of five stars. Businesses can upload their timings, services and upcoming plans for promotions. In December 2008, the app got an introduction for iPhones, entitled as Yelp iPhone. The following year on August an update was added to Yelp iPhone which allowed users to search through clicking the pictures of the businesses they want to know about.

In 2010, a feature named Yelp Reservations was added in the app which allows the user to make online reservations in restaurants. The features to order food and get it delivered was added in 2013. Yelp added features for ordering and scheduling manicures, flower deliveries, golf games, and legal consultations in March 2014. While in October 2014, a feature to book hotels got added in the app.

Yelp: Upcoming Feature

As per Business Insider, In recent months, several businesses especially restaurant in the U.S. got accused for racism. In order to avoid any inconvenience to the users Yelp is going to add an alert to all such businesses and this feature will be called as “Business Accused for Racist Behaviour” alert. A number of allegations of racist behaviour at restaurants in the U.S. prompted the launch of the feature. Yelp will launch the alert on the upcoming Thursday. So, try to avoid the restaurants with such allegations if you don’t support racism. For more such articles and latest updates, stay tuned!

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