Someone Has To Die: Netflix release date & Everything we know so far

Someone Has To Die, also known as “Alguien tiene que morir” is a Spanish Web television series by Netflix. Manolo Caro created this Spanish-Mexican thriller miniseries. Fernando Perez, Manila Revilla, and Manolo Caro together penned the series.

The executive producers of the series being Rafael Kay, Carlos Taibo, Manolo Caro, and María José Córdova. Someone Has To Die features the Spanish language and is set in 1950s Spain. The series stars artists like Carmen Maura, Cecilia Saurez, and Ernesto Alterio.

Someone Has To Die: Possible Plotline

The plot revolves around conservative Spain during the Franco regime. A typical Spanish family asks their son to return home from Mexico as they have set up a marriage arrangement for him. Reluctant to go, the man shows up with a Mexican ballerino. Lazaro, the Mexican dancer is a bit mysterious and the city is in awe to see such an alleged relationship.

Someone Has To Die: Cast- who will return?

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Netflix is well known for gathering a well fitting cast for its projects. The creator Manolo Caro regards the cast as his “dream cast”. He has previously worked with Casanova in The House of Flowers. Caro also had many collaborations with Cecilia Suarez. Someone Has To Die features an all-star cast including the artist:

  • Carmen Maura
  • Cecilia Suárez
  • Ester Expósito
  • Ernesto Alterio
  • Alejandro Speitzer
  • Isaac Hernández
  • Carlos Cuevas
  • Mariola Fuentes
  • Pilar Castro
  • Juan Carlos Vellido
  • Eduardo Casanova
  • Manuel Morón
  • Javier Pereira

Netflix Release Date Confirmed.

Not Now Production Company worked on the miniseries. After The House of Flowers, Caro signed up for Someone Has To Die with Netflix. The drama themed miniseries includes three episodes in total. Someone Has To Die will be streaming on 16 October 2020 on none other than our favorite Netflix. If you enjoyed reading the article and want more such articles with further updates, then stay tuned! 

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