The Creator Of The 100 Discusses Details About Proposed Prequel

The 100 Prequel Updates: The 100 has appeared to a close with its dramatic series ending finale, but series creator Jason Rothenberg has a lot more tale to tell.

Rothenberg talked over the possibilities for a spinoff that takes place in the past. The sequel is basically the prequel, we do have plans, hopefully, if we are fortunate enough to get the series ordered to go to space and meet their forefathers, all of their great- grandparents and uncles of Bellamy, and the Arkadia, and everybody else’s really.”

The Creator Of The 100 Discusses Details About Proposed Prequel

In Season 7, Episode 8, “Anaconda,” the episode returned to a period before the nuclear apocalypse that set the events of The 100 in motion. It features Callie, the idealistic daughter of Second Dawn cult leader Bill Cadogan, and it acted as a backdoor pilot for the potential prequel.

Rothenberg said “They asked me to develop a prequel, and there were several & various different avenues that we could have gone down. My initial thought was, ‘let’s do it in space where, as we know, the Ark is arriving together at this time. All the ancestors of our favorite  protagonist in the original show from the original 100 are up in space.’ But then this became kind of…We keyed it into what the prequel should be because it made more significance for the story we were saying in season seven.”

In the episode, the tale was more grounded in a literal sense. Clarke confronts Cadogan on the planet Bardo, and the cult leader believes that Clarke has his daughter in the AI chip in her mind. It then flashes to the past where Callie and her mom Grace race to get to the Second Dawn bunker to protect themselves from the world-destroying nuclear missiles. As time passes, Callie works to solve the mystery of the Anomaly Stone against the will of her dad.

“Anaconda” bridged the rift between past and future, and the prequel could journey to space and analyze characters related to the ones fans have come to understand.

The 100 stars cast Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Shannon Kook and J.R. Bourne. The show is accessible to stream on The CW’s app/website and on Netflix.

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